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Meet and Greet Service (Optional)

Airport meet and greet services are designed to make your travelling experience comfortable. Whether it’s you who are travelling alone and need a smooth way through the airport check-ins, passport clearance meet and greet services can prove beneficial for all.

Why some may prefer meet and greet services

For instance, you’re a mum travelling with your kids alone. How can our meet and greet service be useful for you? Well, we all know how naughty, cranky and hyper kids can get while travelling. With our meet and greet service, you can get through the airport formalities quickly and without any hassle. Our member will make sure to help you through your journey in every way possible by arriving before your departure/arrival according to the service you need.

For elderly citizens the meet and greet service is an excellent way to ease their journey. If you’re booking a flight for your parents a new booking for meet and greet service for them can be a great gift solely for their comfortable trip. The purpose of meet and greet is primarily assisting at the airport. Customers belonging to any age group can use the meet and greet service. From elders to youngsters, students, kids, parents, everybody in the family can use this to minimise the hassle on the airport

Most of you would be hesitant to let your child/teenager travel alone. Because of the hassle and elderly assistance needed to get through airport formalities. Well, our meet and greet service is here to take care of it all. We take special care tailoring to our customer’s needs. We can ensure the safe departure/arrival of your children/child through the airport.

On departure ( Minors on certain circumstances)

Our member will greet you at a location chosen while booking. He/she will help you to the luggage-booking area. Our member will make sure to guide you through to the security clearance and ease your pre-flight rituals for a smooth journey. Our staff trained to be courteous and helpful in every way possible throughout the process and will surely guide you at your comfort every step of the way.


On Arrival

We provide services to make your travelling experience a memorable one.